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New Books for 2018

Kosmos dog coverKosmos frog cover

These two titles were released earlier this year (2018) in Germany. They’re published by the excellent publisher Kosmos in Stuttgart. I did all the illustrations and the text is by Regina Schwarz. They show something visually ambiguous and the child turns the page to discover it is something unexpected. A simple idea, but as so often, the simple ideas are the best.

Montessori School in Redlands California


I was very pleased to be asked recently to contribute a signed book for the annual fund raising gala for the Montessori School in Redlands California. I also sent a print and the toddler class did a great job decorating a frame and helping with the quilt. Here they are showing some of the items that were auctioned at the event which I hear went very well.

Love is a Magical Feeling

Loveis a MagFeelLove is a Magical Feeling

I’m very pleased to say a book I have illustrated, LOVE IS A MAGICAL FEELING, written by the hugely talented David Bedford, was published on the 19th January 2016 in the US, and is to be published in the UK on the 4th February 2016. It’s a bit of a departure from my usual style of illustration. It’s published by Boxer Books in the UK and Sterling Children’s Books in the USA. This is the second book I have had published by Sterling in the USA. IF YOUR DREAMS TAKE OFF AND FLY was published by them in 2013. (Originally published by Orchard Books in the UK).

I’d like to thank David for his great writing and everyone at Boxer for their help in creating LOVE IS A MAGICAL FEELING.

Peace and Love in the New Year


Last summer I went sailing with good friends to the Scilly Isles from our home port of Rye in the south of England. This photo is my favourite from a big selection of shots taken of seabirds, seals and dolphins. Families are peacefully crabbing off a jetty in the summer sun in a quiet inlet in Devon. With the threat and sadness of ebola in Sierra Leone and other countries in West Africa, war in the Middle East, and all the tragedies that occurred throughout the year it’s good to remember the quiet times of beauty. I hope you have your fair share of them in 2015.

Encore un petit calin?

Encore un petit calin

I’m pleased to announce the publication earlier this year of my book ENCORE UN PETIT CALIN? published in France by Gautier Languereau. It is in a small paperback format which I think works perfectly. The book was originally published in the UK and USA as CAN YOU CUDDLE LIKE A KOALA? Not surprisingly it is also available (and popular) in Australia.

New Ravensburger puzzle


Here is the new puzzle I illustrated for Ravensburger in Germany last year. This completes the puzzles I was commissioned to produce for Ravensburger in France, the USA (see previous posts) and now Germany.

My grandchildren love puzzles and watching them complete them makes me realise how simple toys like these play an important role in teaching them about shape, visual awareness and patience. And the look on their faces when they’ve succeeded in finishing one on their own is priceless.

If Your Dreams Take Off and Fly


On January 2nd my book IF YOUR DREAMS TAKE OFF AND FLY was published in paperback in the UK by Orchard Books. As a little boy drifts off to sleep one night, his dreams take him on an adventure around the world. He imagines vast oceans where dolphins leap through the waves; icy landscapes where penguins huddle for warmth and wild grasslands where hippos, giraffes and zebras roam free.

Little Chick

Little Chick

On January 21 2014 the above edition of the book Little Chick was published in the US along with  Little Lamb. I illustrated both of them for Simon and Schuster in New York and they are written by the excellent Lauren Thompson. They were originally published back in 2008.

Where Is Baby?

Where Is BabyWhereisbaby

In October the book WHERE IS BABY?, which I recently illustrated, is being published in the USA. It’s written by Kathryn O. Galbraith. My daughter Joanna and granddaughter Lara modeled for the opening and closing spreads. Published by Peachtree in Atlanta, it is a book full of baby animals and shows where they hide to keep safe. There is a little surprise gatefold ending and some simple information about  each animal. For example, did you know a baby bat is called a pup? No, me neither.

White beaked dolphin


Sailing our boat off the coast of Rye in South East England recently we were surrounded by a pod of a eight to ten dolphins that greeted us as we returned to the harbour. The one in the photo can be seen turning itself so it can make eye contact with us. A truly magical moment. They were white beaked dolphin apparently. You can tell because they have lots of white markings on their body as well as their beaks.