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My Snuggle Bunny wins a Gold Award


I’m pleased to say My Snuggle Bunny published by I SEE ME Inc. of Minneapolis and which I illustrated, has won the Children’s Picture Books: Bedtime Stories Gold Award, given by Mom’s Choice Awards.

New ABC puzzle







As mentioned in an earlier posting, this new ABC puzzle has just been released by Ravensburger in the USA with my illustrations. This follows two I supplied for Ravensburger in France last year.











Here is the cover of a book I illustrated last year for I See Me Inc. of Minneapolis who produce wonderful personalised books. It was a great book to work on and it has just been released. Click on this link to see the whole book.


The company run by my daughters, Little Blue Zebra, has stand A13 at Bubble London this weekend. It is a trade show for retail outlet buyers. If you are interested in stocking our children’s prints and cards, you are very welcome to visit the stand. I’m pleased to say Jo and Lucy have already had some pre-show enquiries.

Happy New Year










A happy and peaceful 2013 to everyone. (My granddaughter, Lara)








I’m currently working on a book for an American publisher about baby animals as they hide. One of the illustrations shows baby prairie dogs, which remind me of meerkats in some of the ways they behave. A while ago I was fortunate to visit the Kalahari desert in Southern Africa. The wildlife was fascinating and here I am holding a tame meerkat. She had been adopted by a scientist who had found her abandoned. She had a slightly deformed jaw line which can be seen in the photo. They have ferocious teeth and devour anything that moves so long as they can get it into their mouths. The meerkat followed us like an eager little dog as we walked through the dunes and the scientist explained that she was happy to feed while we were around her because, as we were standing upright, she thought we were on the lookout for predators. Watching her dispatch large, hard-shelled insects in one swift crunch was an awe inspiring sight.

If You See a Kitten









Hot off the press, here is the Chinese edition of my book IF YOU SEE A KITTEN first published in the UK by Puffin and then Peachtree of Atlanta in the USA, and now Dolphin Books of Beijing. I think this is a beautiful edition and I am delighted by it, especially as the UK edition happens to be my granddaughter’s favourite book.











I’m sometimes asked if I do ‘painting for myself’. While I enjoy the work I do as an illustrator I also enjoy splashing around with oil paints. I usually use acrylics and coloured pencil for my illustration work. Oils can present different opportunities. Here’s a portrait I did a few years ago for a friend.











Speaking of puzzles, here is a close up of an ABC puzzle soon to be released in France by Ravensburger using my Little Blue Zebra images. A similar one is soon to follow in the USA.












I was recently commissioned by Ravensburger in France to illustrate horses in a field for a jigsaw puzzle. It will be available in that country early next year. Before starting work on the illustration I went to take a look at the superb painting of Whistlejacket by George Stubbs. Exhibited in the National Gallery in London, it is positioned so it can be viewed from a great distance through a number of rooms.  It’s striking from any distance and looks surprisingly modern. (Click here to see it in situ on the NG’s excellent virtual tour). It was painted 250 years ago for the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, Whistlejacket’s owner and a great patron of Stubbs. Rumour has it that the horse reared up in reaction to seeing its own near life size portrait.